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about mitch

“Working with Mitch is an incredible, creative experience – we keep coming back for more.” – Charlie Lowell (Jars of Clay)

  • He has worked on over 100 records, 5 of which are Grammy nominees.
  • He won a Grammy award for his engineering.
  • He was given an ASCAP award for his songwriting.
  • Mitch has over 20 years of production/engineering experience.

Nashville producer, Mitch Dane, has certainly made an impression in the music world. His desire to grow and to learn is constant, making every project he touches relevant and refreshing. In his 20 years of production/engineering experience, Mitch has managed to cross the lines into every genre. Though most of his work can be heard on Rock, Roots/Rock and Singer/Songwriter records, Mitch continues to work fearlessly in other styles like Hip-Hop, Industrial and even Bluegrass/Americana. In his own words: “I like to collect the best aspects of every genre of music and bring them together in hybrid productions.” This personal philosophy has worked well, considering Mitch’s fingerprints mark over 100 records, four of which are Grammy nominees.

Perhaps one of Mitch’s greatest talents lies in his ability to work and communicate well. His subtle confidence and passion for creativity puts the artist at ease while he brings out the best in them and in their music. Mitch holds firmly to his conviction for excellence in recording, focusing on the content and arrangement as the foundation of a great song. He believes the production is secondary, but has the ability to make (and will make) a great song even greater. His insightful sense of what is classically modern, memorable, and tastefully provocative, challenges the artist to come out of their comfort zone and opens the doors to creativity.

With Mitch, recording is always an experience, both personally and professionally. And something that every artist should experience.

the studio

Mitch's studio is Sputnik Sound in Nashville, TN. Co-founded in early 2000 with the rock band, Jars of Clay, the space/sound odyssey has developed into a fully equipped facility for any type of recording project. It consists of a main tracking room, overdub room, control room, kitchen, lounge, and mixing/edit suite.

The vibey, eclectic, 1950's sci-fi environment complements the hardware in an ironic mixture of the vintage alongside the modern.

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artist comments
"Mitch is a mad scientist genius. He's also one of the most encouraging people I've ever known. He gets me to play and sing in ways I didn't think I could, and I'm grateful to him for how he's brought me more into who I really am, both as a musician and as a person. The fact that he gets amazing sounds and knows how to bring out the magic of a song is nothing to what he brings out in me by being around him."
Andy Osenga (Caedmon's Call) - www.andyosenga.com

"Recording with Mitch has been the most relaxing creative experience I have ever had."
Jeromy Deibler (FFH) - www.myspace.com/jeromydeibler

"Mitch Dane is the best! I can not tell you how pleased i am with both the experience of recording with him, and the final outcome..."Born To Worship"...he took the time to get to know me...before just making music...and making sure I would love my own album!...that is sooooo rare!"
Sarah Kelly - www.sarahkelly.com

"Working with Mitch is an incredible creative experience- we keep coming back for more. We've developed a great camaraderie and working arrangement, and he's always prepared and flexible to jump into whatever is hovering at the moment. He is patient and innovative, laid back and engaged. Mitch's unique gifts, his experience as both an artist and a producer make him a great talent."
Charlie Lowell (Jars of Clay) - www.jarsofclay.com

"Not only is Mitch Dane a super cool person and lots of fun to work with, he is also an extremely talented producer! He has a great ear, great instincts, and great vision. I knew I could trust him with my project because he understood exactly what it needed to be, exactly how to get it there, and was as concerned with the finished product as I was. I love the record I came away with, and I think anyone who works with Mitch will be able to say the same."

"Mitch Dane is truly one of my favorite people on the planet. His ability to really "hear" a song and create a vision for where it will land sets him apart from the typical Nashville producers. It was a privilege to work with him"
Bebo Norman - www.bebonorman.com

"Mitch is a music fan as well as a producer. His love for music is manifest in the care he gives to his work. He has an ear for a whole song; a whole album; a whole artist. He creates/produces in such a way that reflects the best of each. I look forward to working with him again."
Justin McRoberts - www.justinmcroberts.com

"Having never worked with a Nashville producer before, I was a little unsure of the process at first. But Mitch managed to keep things relaxed while at the same time pushing for excellence. I've done three CDs with Mitch now, and every one has been a great experience. Mitch gets into each project individually and makes sure they can stand on their own. It's a beautiful thing!"
Jon Troast - www.jontroast.com

"Working with Mitch Dane is one of the best career decisions I've ever made. He helped me focus on my strengths as a singer and songwriter, and now I've settled into a sound that's all my own. I thought he would be intimidating because of his long list of accomplishments, but from the first moment I met Mitch, his humble spirit has put me at ease and given me the freedom to take risks with my creativity. I couldn't be more proud of the four projects I've recorded at Sputnik Sound and I look forward to the next one!"
JJ Heller - www.jjheller.com

"Working with Mitch was so great, and so much beyond that...he really has a knack for listening to the artist/writer, getting inside their heads (which can be good or scary) and seeing that the finish product actually sounds human, real. Kudos and big recommendations for my friend Mitch!"
Sarah Hart